Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Furry Friend

 Last week we had a visitor (Marlee Sue) that came and stayed with us.  Her family was on vacation somewhere warm!  She's a Gramma dog and needed special attention, and we were happy to spoil her!  Last Friday, Anna and I drove to Chicagoland to deliver her back to her house and we had a chance to stay for a night and explore their neighborhood a little bit.

For dinner we went to a little restaurant that reminded us both of Panera bread.  It was a very cute place with delicious food. I ordered 1/2 ham and swiss panini with a cup of macaroni and cheese. 
Anna had the mac and cheese and a smoothie! We had great conversation and got to see the Metra trains go by and visit some of the local shops in the downtown area.  We loved living in the "city" for a night!
When we stayed at my friend's house, we found this on their guest room bed.  Isn't it SO COOL?!!!
She's so creative!!
 More on the road trip weekend tomorrow.  We will be traveling from Illinois to Iowa!  Stay tuned!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas part 2- gifts and games

We opened presents!
We created a HUGE mess!!  It was so much fun!

 Ben was certainly ready for gift opening...in his unusual attire- his Monopoly sweater and Christmas jammie pants.

 The boys decided to forgo birthday presents this year and each have a BIG Christmas gift.  So, with the help of the grandparents, they each got the Play Station 4, just as they wanted.  They were GOOD boys !
  Anna got another mannequin head with long hair so she can practice her braiding...

 I got some jelly belly jellybeans!

 Ben got Andrew a funny tee shirt!
 Here are the kids in their Christmas Jammies.

These guys were serious about playing BINGO...

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas- part 1

Well, Christmas was yesterday and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  My plan is to share pictures over the next few days...  Today I am sharing our decor and the FOOD!
This is our dining room...

 These are the people I LOVE......missing Gma Ellie and Grandpa Walt though.
 Here is the tree in our family room.  It is decorated with all of the school/church crafts!
 We enjoyed ham/turkey breast, potatoes, noodles, 7 layer salad, California blend casserole, pretzel salad, rolls and black olives, of course.

Here are the desserts...apple pie, pistachio cake and various cookies, fudge and brownies!  YUM!

Stay tuned tomorrow for gifts and games!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas...it's getting a little closer!!

 How do you like my Christmas nails??  I LOVE them!!!

We went out for dinner last weekend to one of our favorite restaurants (Brisco County) , and I ordered my favorite things....the aquatic wrap!  
Miss Anna got her usual --Pasta!

 Last night we went to our church's Christmas service.  This year they are having 7 services and we wanted to attend a service that was less popular.  We worked in the nursery at the 3:00 service and then went to the 4:30 service.  It was fun to have all 3 generations sitting, singing Christmas carols!  At one point I was holding John's hand AND my Mom's.....precious memories!!  So thankful for these times!

Friday, December 20, 2013


 The 6th grade Lady Raiders got a WIN last night against Good Shepherd School...we celebrated with Dairy Queen!
 Anna volunteers at an Wildlife Rehabilitation Center on Fridays.  The owner dropped a little treat off for her. Isn't it cute???

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Nails

 Anna's teacher challenged her to paint her nails with a different Christmas design on each nail.  Well, this girl was up for the challenge!  She readied her supplies and got started!
 Here are the nails from left to right: Christmas sweater, Christmas lights, Santa and peppermint stick.
 Left to right: Christmas present, snow flakes, Christmas tree and gingerbread.
 Her thumbs are a snowman face and Christmas pudding!!