Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas Coffee at church

Our church had it's Annual Christmas Coffee last Thursday and Friday night.  About 1600 women total filled the sanctuary over the 2 nights.  I was in charge of feeding the worship team and lights & sound people.  I made a double batch of soup and made some baked sandwiches. Here was the set up!!  It was so fun watching the teams prepare for the service!
I even had the opportunity to hang out in the room behind the sanctuary and watch the service from there while serving anyone that needed help! The service was beautiful!!

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pjmackey said...

You did a lovely job. But don't get to good at it or they will hire as a chef. So glad you gave your time and love, and I am sure that your skills were much appreciated. And I will thank your "elves" that helped you carry your goodies in. Or maybe, they were "angels"....not "elves". Bless you and your family!